If you’re a band looking to book a show at The Lizzie Rose Music Room, use the form below to e-mail our booking staff. Be sure to include the band’s name, main contact person, phone number and link to where we can hear samples of your music (such as a Facebook or You Tube page).

We are not a bar or restaurant, rather a non-profit  "listening room" located at the Jersey Shore in Tuckerton NJ   

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Lizzie Rose Music Room

Stage and Backline Equipment 


The Lizzie Rose Music Room provides PA, Lights and backline setup for all artists.

We have a removable drum riser available.

Load in is usually two hours before doors open .  if your require extra time please contact us beforehand at


Back Line Equipment:


Gretch Catalina Club Drum Kit

18” Kick Drum with pedal

12 “ Mounted Rack Tom

14” Floor Tom

12” Snare

20” Ride Cymbal

16” Crash

Hi Hat


We recommend bringing sticks, snare and any extra cymbals and stands.


Bass Amp Combo

Acoustic Image Focus SA Bass Amp. ACCV Groove Bass Cabinet with (2) 12” 



Guitar Amps

Fender Sidekick Reverb 65

Crate E-10


Full Sound system.

4 monitors mixes.

Sure SM 58 Mics, Cables and stands.  

Phantom powered direct boxes

In house Sound Tech to assist, sound check and run the house mix and monitors

during the show.

In house stage lights.