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January 2024


​Everyday People

A Tribute to the music of

Sly and the Family Stone

EVERYDAY PEOPLE authentically represent a nostalgic look at the 70’s, in particular the music of Sly Stone or Sylvester Stewart and his band, Sly and The Family Stone. Sly’s band and music was innovatively unique, one might say ahead of its time. Today, you can still hear the influences Sly’s music later artists such as: Miles Davis, Prince, George Clinton, Earth Wind and Fire, Rick James and Bruno Mars, just to name a few. 


EVERYDAY PEOPLE will take you back in both sight and sound, so you can relive the genius of Sly’s music. Performing songs like: "Stand", "Take You Higher", "Everybody is a Star", "Family Affair", "Dance to The Music" and many more. Even today, there are some who still hold the opinion that Sly and the Family Stone was the greatest band ever assembled.​

Sat. January 6th, 2024 

Showtime- 7:30 pm

$30.00 Advance, $35.00 At Door


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