Lisa Polizzi's Janis Joplin Experience

The Janis Joplin Experience With a twinkle in her eye and that rasp in her voice, Lisa Polizzi brings the spirit of Janis Joplin, belting out hit after hit in a heartfelt tribute performance. Her band of seasoned pros recreates the sound that defined a generation,  laying down the soul, and conveying the tender ballads that Janis brought in her short exhilarating career .


Sat, Aug 1st

Showtime- 7:30 pm


$27.00 Advance, $35.00 Day of Show

Rory Block

Rory Block may not see herself the way her fans, the music world, and the press view her career. But seminal Blues guitarist Robert Johnsonʼs grandson Greg Johnson says, “When I hear Rory Blockʼs music, itʼs as if my grandfather is here all over again.” Rolling Stone Magazine credited her with recording “some of the most singular and affecting Country Blues anyone, man or woman, black or white, old or young, has cut in recent years." 


Thur, Aug 6th

Showtime- 7:30 pm


$35.00 Advance, $45.00 Day of Show

Panama Dead

A Tribute to The New Riders of Purple Sage

Hear all your favorite NRPS  songs in this tribute Panama Red,. Henry & more

 Featuring the Ronnie Penque All Star Band

​ “Ronnie Penque’s PANAMA DEAD” featuring Ronnie Penque of the New Riders of the Purple sage. Playing a tribute to the “CLASSIC” New Riders. A evening of Classic New Riders of the Purple Sage


Fri, Aug 7th 

Showtime- 7:30 pm


$25.00 Advance, $30.00 Day of Show

Popa Chubby

Twenty Five Years of Hard Rocking Blues

Popa Chubby, born Ted Horowitz, has been hard rocking the blues in his fierce and soulful way for more than 25 years. Over the course of a career that dates back to 1994, he has been a force of to be reckoned with on the guitar, and his tempestuous, soulful playing has never been more powerful. An imposing figure with a shaven head, tattooed arms, a goatee and a performance style he describes as “the Stooges meets Buddy Guy, Motörhead meets Muddy Waters, and Jimi Hendrix meets Robert Johnson," Popa Chubby is an endearing character who is one of the genre’s most popular figures.


Sat, Aug 8th

Showtime- 7:30 pm


$37 Advance, $45 Day of Show

The End of America

Philadelphia natives The End of America (TEOA) caught the attention of the industry and fans alike with their debut release Steep Bay (2010), following up with the sophomore LP Shakey (2012) and the critically acclaimed eponymous S/T album in 2016. TEOA’s new single “Break Away”, released on June 7, 2019 on all digital and streaming platforms, is also available as a limited edition 7” vinyl and features a version of Simon and Garfunkel’s “America” on the B-side.


Wed, Aug 12th

Showtime- 7:30 pm


$25.00 Advance, $30.00 Day of Show

Mud Morganfield

Mullti-award-winning artist Mud Morganfield is an established star in the world of Blues music. The eldest son of the legendary Muddy Waters, Mud was brought up surrounded by many of the finest musicians in the Blues. Mud’s singing is firmly in best of traditions of Chicago Blues, but he is also a writer of great new songs and he is backed by some of the best musicians playing today. He is acclaimed by both critics and artists such as Buddy Guy and Jools Holland for his own musical ability,


Fri, Aug 14th

Showtime- 7:30 pm


$37.00 Advance, $45.00 Day of Show

The Joni Project

A Tribute to Joni Mitchell

Featuring Katie Pearlman & Her Band

The Joni Project formed as a tribute in sound and spirit to Joni Mitchell, one of music’s greatest and most innovative artists.


From the deep folk roots of her musical beginnings, Joni’s music has evolved over the years to include elements of funk, rock and the full palette of harmonic colors embodied by modern jazz. Her innovative guitar tunings and brilliantly original chord progressions were paired with beautifully crafted melodies adorned by lyrics of unmatched poetic profundity to create some of the most powerfully enduring and well-loved songs of all time.


Sat, Aug 15th 

Showtime- 7:30 pm


$25.00 Advance, $35.00 Day of Show

Albert Castiglia

“It may be a bit premature to crown Albert Castiglia America's newest King of the Blues, but there's little doubt that he at least deserves the title of heir apparent.” -- Miami New Times


As most artists will attest, the most unexpected circumstance can spark artistic inspiration. That’s a fact that hasn’t been lost on singer, songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire Albert Castiglia. With his latest album, the aptly named Masterpiece, he celebrates an unforeseen triumph -- a connection with a daughter he never knew he had. The result is a work that’s both personal and provocative all at the same time.

Sat, Aug 29th 

Showtime- 7:30 pm


$30 Advance, $35 Day of Show

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