R.L. Boyce & Lightnin Malcolm

R. L. Boyce is a Grammy nominated American blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist born and raised in ComoMississippi, United States.[1]

He is a protege of Hill country blues musicians including R.L. Burnside, and Mississippi Fred McDowell.[2]

Boyce began his career in the early 1960s playing drums for his uncle, the fife and drum performer Othar Turner.[3] Later he was the drummer for Jessie Mae Hemphill and is heard on her 1990 album, Feelin' Good


 LIGHTNIN MALCOLM, a charismatic and energetic guitarslinger with a deep soulful voice, has taken his irresistable Dance grooves

   The Mississippi based Multi-instrumentalist combines the Tribal Rhythms and raw electrifying power of the Hill Country Blues with melodic songwriting wisdom of heroes Bob Marley, Sam Cooke, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, and Jimi Hendrix. MALCOLM fuses elements of Funk, Soul, Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop, West African World Beat, Gospel and Country to create an Authentic Signature sound in modern day World Roots Music.

Fri, Sep 11th 

Showtime- 7:30 pm


$25 Advance, $35 Day of Show

Ellis Paul

Despite his success and sense of history, Mr. Paul remains an artist with his eye on the future and an interest in discovering the transformative potential in his music.” – The New York Times

Some artists document their lives through their music. Others chronicle their times. It’s a rare artist who can do both, telling their own story through songs that also encapsulate the essence of people and places who have helped define their era overall. Woody Guthrie comes to mind, and so does Bob Dylan. Bruce Springsteen certainly as well. Yet few others, for whatever genius they may possess, can relate their own history to the history experienced by those who find that common bond, be it in a coming of age, living through the same realities or sharing similar experiences.

Sat, Sep 12th 

Showtime- 7:30 pm


$25.00 Advance, $30.00 Day of Show

Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes • Meghan Cary

When Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes take the stage, they’re not just playing a show. Their vibe is party, reunion, and catharsis in one – the energy of their tunes is hard to miss. Taking inspiration from past and present –artists like The Limeliters, The Band, and The Byrds, and more recent flag-bearers R.E.M., The Decemberists, and Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes take a folk rock canvas and weave in big helpings of Broadway, Jazz, Blues, and Country, giving them a sound both familiar and unique, distinctly American and part of a broader world.

Meghan Cary didn’t mean to be a musician. But when her fiancé unexpectedly died, she picked up his guitar, figured out how to play it, and wrote her debut record, earning her Billboard Magazine’s esteemed Critic’s Choice Award. “I wrote my grief into music and sang my way out of the abyss. I keep making music to help others connect with their own stories and find their joy.” Cary continues to share the healing power of music with the community that has rallied around her message of hope and being heard.

Sun , Sep 13th 

Showtime- 7:00 pm


$20.00 Advance, $25.00 Day of Show

Bell Bottom Blues

​A Tribute to Eric Clapton

The Bell Bottom Blues is a tribute to Eric Clapton's work in bands like Cream, Blind Faith, Derek & the Dominos, and the Beatles, as well as the many classic hits of his solo career.


Because of the passion and talent of each member, the band is able to recapture Clapton's sound throughout his legendary career. Their goal is to provide our audience with an authentic re-creation of Clapton's music at every show.

Sat, Sep 19th 

Showtime- 7:30 pm


$32 Advance, $37 Day of Show

Willy Porter

Willy Porter continues on a musical and personal odyssey spanning over two decades, 11 albums, and multiple continents. His journey has been defined by an inquisitive love for humanity and the language that describes what we all hold to be true. Porter’s songs weave a universal perspective about the questions, struggles, and triumphs of human existence. His live shows are guitar-driven grit, soul, silence and muscle– at times electrifying, dynamic, and unique in the way that Porter’s voice blends and fuses with his fret work.

Fri, Sep 25th 

Showtime- 7:30 pm


$27.00 Advance, $35.00 Day of Show

The Bob Band

Performing The Music of Bob Dylan

Five veteran musicians and long-time fans of Bob Dylan recreate the spirit and vibe of America's greatest singer/songwriter. A faithful musical journey through the amazing Dylan catalog - 50 years of folk, rock, country even gospel.

Sat, Sep 26th 

Showtime- 7:30 pm


$27 Advance, $35 Day of Show

Red Wanting Blue

“In every odyssey, there comes a time when you must accept that what you are
pursuing is no longer a rational decision,” Scott Terry writes in the liner notes of Red
Wanting Blue’s new album, ‘The Wanting.’ “It’s a choice that does not feel like a
choice. It is a hunger.”
It’s been more than twenty years since Red Wanting Blue first began their long,
strange odyssey, and while much has changed for Terry and the rest of the band over
those two remarkable decades, the hunger remains. Like the North Star, it’s fixed in
the firmament, a guiding light perpetually out of reach. Hunger has been their fuel,
their motivation, their essence. Hunger has steered every step of the group’s
extraordinary journey, and now, it’s at the heart of their most powerful record yet.

Tue, Sep 29th 

Showtime- 7:30 pm


$27 Advance, $35 Day of Show

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