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We are currently offering sponsorships for our summer concert series.


It's easy just check our current schedule select a concert you would like to support.

We'll prepare a concert handout acknowledging your support, including an artist bio to be distributed the evening of the concert.  You will also be acknowledged prior to the show in our opening comments.


 This is a great way to help support live music and our mission.


Sponsorships are $250 


 As a thank you you'll receive 4 complimentary tickets to the concert an preferred reserved seating.

Please contact us at lizzierosemusic@aol.com    Subject: Summer Sponsorships

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported our Pavilion in the Pines concerts in 2021.  I think many who were a bit skeptical last year trusted us, came out and were pleasantly surprised as it ended up being one of our best seasons yet!


However, once again to date we have been unsuccessful in reaching an acceptable agreement to move back inside the Lizzie Rose Music Room and will be returning to The Pavilion in The Pines at the Atlantic Shore Pines Campground. 


We have another full schedule of concerts starting Sunday May 1st with The Ronstadt Revue a Tribute to Linda Ronstadt. In the past these guys have rocked the music room several times and were a real crowd pleaser.


Our 2022 schedule as usual includes a mix of Blues,Tribute bands and more and can be checked out at www.lizzierosemusic.com.


As 2022 concerts are posted on our web page, we strongly encourage you to purchase your tickets early. Ticket sales will be limited to no more than 100 to help alleviate parking difficulties.

Many have taken advantage of early bird ticket offers. You need to be on our current mailing list to receive these announcements. To sign up directly from our website Click Here, or use your smartphone to sign up.  Simply type the number 22828, then enter the text “lizzierose”.  Instructions will appear on your phone.

Please consider joining our dedicated core group of volunteers. If interested, contact our volunteer coordinator Janit at janitb23@gmail.com for more information.



We look forward to welcoming you back at The Pavilion in the Pines for another great concert series in 2022.


Stay well,


Lou Reichert

Music Coordinator

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